Amazing Hair Perming Products For Black Women

Amazing Hair Perming Products For Black Women

Amazing Hair Perming Products For Black Women African American women generally have naturally curly tresses. In order to straighten them either temporary methods like the use of heat styling or there are certain chemical or natural perming products that can straighten your hair permanently.

Amazing Hair Perming Products for Black Women

Chemical Methods

Lye or sodium hydroxide straighteners help to soften the hair structure for easier styling. This is possible since sodium hydroxide neutralizes the acid from your hair making it more manageable. However, the negative fallout of this product is that it is also quite drying if not used in a correct manner.

There is another variation of the lye relaxers which are the non-lye variety. These are comparatively gentle on your tresses because here the alkalinity is not increased that much higher like that by sodium hydroxide. This relaxer consists of calcium hydroxide in guanidine carbonate solution. However, it is important to subject your hair to a thorough conditioning treatment both before and after using this relaxer.

One of the mildest chemical relaxer that is also quite a good straightening agent– however only if your hair is comparatively thinner and less wavy-is ammonium thioglycolate. This relaxer is available in both cream and gel forms but a neutralizing solution is required which should be applied to the hair after ammonium thioglycolate so as to prevent the tresses from damage.

Readymade Natural Perms

All natural relaxers that are available over the counter and claim to be completely safe in most cases damage the hair and render them dull and lusterless. In certain cases these so called natural straighteners have been found to contain chemicals that have caused burns and significant hair loss.

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So, while buying the natural perming agents it is necessary to take time and minutely observe the ingredients listed and then test it on your hands to look for adverse reactions before you go ahead and apply it to the hair. Before starting the process it is very important to completely saturate the hair and scalp to reduce the chances of hair breakage.

Comb out evenly to spread the oil uniformly on your head. Now part your hair into four parts two on the left and right side of your head and the other two in the back. Fill out oil wherever the scalp is visible, the basic idea is not to let any area escape from the protective oily layer.

Natural perming material consists of two parts the perming part along with the activator part. Mix these tow evenly with a brush so as to ensure that no clumps are formed. Now with the help of the brush cover your hair starting from the roots and gradually towards the ends. However, do not apply the perm on the hair ends. The product needs to sit on your head for around fifteen minutes to give it time to work on your hair and soften it. Comb through all the hair sections to ascertain whether or not the perming is working or not. Then shampoo thoroughly and condition.