Alternative Treatments for Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are a common problem in women, yet they can be quite problematic in dealing with. The major problem with fibroids is that they keep reoccurring, even if you have had them removed surgically.

This primarily happens because most of the treatments, including surgery, do not eliminate the root cause. So, besides getting them removed, your focus should be on getting the root-cause eliminated, for which alternative treatments offer better solution than conventional medication and surgery.

Uterine fibroids do not pose any grave danger to the health of a woman, but certainly the intolerable symptoms do necessitate a proper and timely treatment. In most cases, where the fibroids are not too large, your physician may not put you onto any strong medication, and you may be simply asked to make some dietary and lifestyle changes to speed up the destruction of the fibroids.

While the problem is in the beginning stages, or even when it’s severe, trying on alternative treatments can make to fibroids to disappear permanently. Most of the medication given to shrink the fibroids has a temporary effect, and the fibroids usually grow back once the medication is stopped.

Also, most of these medicines cannot be administered for more than a few months because of the side effects that they usually cause.

So, here are some alternative cure that can help in treating fibroids naturally and permanently.

Loose weight: Excess of estrogen is one usual cause associated with the occurrence of fibroids, and it’s a well established fact that estrogen levels are directly related to the body fat. Evidently, the best way to bring the estrogen level to normal is to lose weight and maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI).

Detox your liver:Toxin accumulation in the liver can lead to the production of a substance that resembles estrogen. Going on a liver detox diet and supplementing it with herbal supplements can also provide great help in fighting uterine fibroids.

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet: Eating foods which have anti-inflammatory properties like oats, oranges, hops, turmeric etc is also believed to help in treating fibroids the natural way.. Besides adding in the healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet, you should also look for ways to cut down your fat consumption, especially fat from animal origin.

Sidharth Thakur