Alopecia – A Form Of Hair Loss

p Alopecia is the name given to an acute hair problem when you start losing hair and may even become bald. Alopecia may even lead the skin to shed hair. Some types of Alopecia are:

Alopecia Areata – where you lose hair in patches. When your hair follicles are under the attack of your immune system, Alopecia Areata occurs. This is a common ailment among teenagers.

Alopecia Totalis – causes full hair loss from the scalp resulting in total baldness.

Alopecia Universalis – makes you lose the entire body hair which includes eyebrows, eyelashes and hair present on the scalp.

Androgenetic Alopecia – a hormonal (androgen) imbalance cause complete or partial baldness in this case.

Traction Alopecia – causes you to lose hair gradually. Different hair styles that make the hair taut or recurrent hair treatments using chemicals and straightening agents may be the reason behind Traction Alopecia.

Causes of Alopecia

Common causes of Alopecia are depressions, psychological stress, medicines taken to treat blood pressure and heart ailments, crash dieting, severe hair styles, fever for an extended period, fungal infections etc.

Common symptoms of Alopecia

hair becoming thin

hair loss in patches


brittle toenails and fingernails

itching sensation in the scalp

quick hair loss

gradual hair loss

Prevention and Cure of Alopecia

If Alopecia is caused by deficiencies or hormonal imbalance, you can take prescribe drugs to cure it. However, if it is incurable, you may wear head gears and wigs or go for hair weaving and hair transplants to lead a normal life.

Remember that a peaceful lifestyle, eating balanced diet and staying away from hair treatments that employ chemicals will make you keep Alopecia at bay. So, have a positive mental attitude and deal with this disease in a patient manner. Do as the dermatologist prescribes and you will soon have a normal life.