Almonds: The Egyptian’s Beauty Secret


Casting a look at the previous generations we will realize that we have definitely become more and more cautious about our looks and beauty, however there is much more that we need to learn and practice to unravel the hidden beauty in us. Gyms and beauty centers have sprouted all across the land but we still have women moving around with tightly pinned up hair and rough looking skin. Anyways, since you have reached this page, we are sure that you love to look beautiful, and so we will unravel the most frequently used beauty secret of the ever so popular Egyptian beauties.

Looking at history we will realize that there was no other nation which was as much into beauty care as was Egypt. Aloe Vera, the herb which finds increased acceptance and popularity in skin care products today, was also a find of the ancient Egyptians and was an inseparable ingredient of all their beauty treatments. And just for your information Cleopatra, the lady with the most mesmerizing beauty who finds exposition in so many historical books, was also from Egypt.

Egyptians loved and used a lot of natural oils for skin care, with Almond oil always on the top of their list. It was used for just about everything related to the skin. Body oil formed an important part in their daily bathing ritual, so much so that even the most impoverished women used some type of body oil during their bath. But as for the richer genre, Almond oil was the thing.

Almond oil also found relevance in anti-wrinkle creams, and here is one such recipe which requires 1tbsp. of sweet Almond oil and two to three drops of rose water. Just mix the two things and gently massage it into your cleansed face skin before you hit the sack. In the morning simply rinse off your face with warm water.

Most of the Egyptian cosmetics contained either of the two types of Almond oil that is bitter or sweet. So the next time you go shopping for your cosmetics, to get some Almond oil of both the types and make it a habit to have these always in your cosmetic cabinet.

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Sidharth Thakur