All About Home Chemical Peel

In case you have no idea what this is all about, here’s a small introduction to what this is and how to do one right at home and also a couple of precautions that need to be followed while you are at it.

These are nothing different from the usual facial peels that you use but the biggest advantage is that they are a lot better than the normal peels. The chemical that is generally used in this is the trichloroacetic acid that acts as the main acid that cleanses your skin off the dirt, wrinkles, dark circles, you name it! So it’s no wonder why chemical peels are always considered superior to normal peels.

And since they are made of chemicals and acid, it might seem hard to get it done at home but not if you can easily buy the TCA from your nearest pharmacy. If you do, here’s how you go about it.

Before you go about doing it at home, always do a patch test and see if you skin shows any kind of reaction to the acid. Make sure that the solution you have bought is only 10-20% strong. Apply this to your skin and see if you can notice any kind of reaction within the next 24 hours. If you don’t notice anything, go ahead with the process.

Pour out a little bit of the solution or dip a brush into it that you can use to apply over your face. After application, leave it for a few minutes until it dries up. If  it begins to burn, apply a neutralizer over your face which deals with the burning sensation due to TCA.

But if you are worried about using raw TCA, there are many chemical peel kits available in market where the solution is professionally prepared in a way that is suitable for home chemical peel.

There will be some flaking and dryness depending on how your skin would react to it. Don’t let this bother your if it happens. Always make sure that your skin is completely dry and oil free before beginning the process and make sure you avoid the sensitive areas like eyes, neck etc. where the skin is not thick enough.