Alcoholism And The Perils It Can Cause

alcohol-cancer Any addiction if done in excess will prove to be perilous for the human body. The same theory goes true with alcohol addiction as well.

One of the commonest forms of alcohol caused issues is “alcohol poisoning”.

This is a serious and at times a lethal ailment, caused due to high amount of alcohol consumption within a short time span. Drinking very much very fast can have its ill effects on heart rate, breathing, as well gag-reflex and has the potency to end up in coma as well as death.

Binge drinking or hasty consumption of around five to even more drinks
in a line is what leads to alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is also possible to happen if an accidental ingestion of alcohol content household products happens.

Alcohol poisoning demands an instantaneous medical consideration, if a
local poison-control center is unavailable, contacting “911” is extremely necessary.

A primary treatment in alcohol poisoning consists of supported breathing for the patient, along with vitamins and intravenous fluids until a complete removal of alcohol from the body takes place.

It is quite necessary to know how to spot the correct symptoms and signs of alcohol poisoning.

Symptoms to look out for are:

Confusion, stupor, seizures, vomiting, irregularity in breathing, hypothermia or low body temperature, pale skin, and most lethal unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is the fatal most of them all because it has a high opportunity of the person passing away while unconscious.

In case someone is in a comatose state with a repeated unrestrained vomiting, and with respiration happening fewer than “eight times” per
minute and immediate call to the local emergency or “911” is suggested.

It needs to be remembered that, even after consumption of alcohol is stopped, or when a person is unconscious, a continual release of alcohol in the body takes place, resulting in an unfailing rise of alcohol level in the bloodstream.

While dealing with a conscious person however, an immediate contact to
the “local poison control” and acting according to the directives of
whether to take the person to hospital or use some primary medications
is absolutely suggestive.

How much of an amount taken is too much?

In contrast to food that normally takes about hours to get digested, alcohol gets absorbed way faster by the human body. So much is the quickness of alcohol consumption that if taken in empty stomach a straightaway absorption of twenty percent of the alcohol consumed is done by the stomach, and would directly hit the brain within a minute.

Hence, if consumption of alcohol is done, give it time to consume,
never rush things up.