Aging Of Skin Gracefully And Comfortably

anti-aging-solution There is a universal antipathy for becoming old because the idea of getting old is related to some backdated conception of a fragile, weak body and lots of disabilities.

However, we are afraid of getting old universally and that is why since centuries, anti-aging effects have got major importance into beautification of a person.

For ages, the use of plant’s extract as well as natural resources were in use for the treatment of skin related problems including aging troubles. Use of Aloe Vera plant and honey are still in popular use for the anti-aging treatment of skin.

In the recent past, some new technology and medicines are introduced in this anti-aging skin treatment arena. However, these are quite costly and may not be affordable for all. Injectible filler, microdermabrasion, and Botox treatment are the most popular ones in this category.

Causes of skin aging may be intrinsic or extrinsic in nature. Genetic factors belong to the category of intrinsic factor, while extrinsic reasons include the impact of environment and foreign bodies on skin tone that trigger aging. Though intrinsic factors cannot be controlled, natural remedies can make differences with the impacts caused by extrinsic factors.

You should control your sun exposure as much as possible. If sun exposure is a necessity, you should use sunscreen lotion [SPF 15 or above] to protect your skin.

Dryness of skin initiates faster aging process. So, application of moisturizer, according to skin type, is essential. Chemical based foundations need to be avoided to the maximum extent. Adequate consumption of water maintains the hydration of skin cell and prevents signs of aging internally.

A skin friendly diet will be a natural antidote in fighting aging. Soy based foods, vitamin A, B, and C helps to retain the youthful radiance of skin.

You should get rid off the smoking habit, because it generates toxin in the body and causes faster aging of skin along with giving the skin tone a yellowish color.

Facial exercises and different sleeping positions impose flexibility of skin tissues and retain elasticity. Smiling is a good exercise for facial skin tissues.

These above mentions easy recipes along with a healthy life style will help you to avoid the problem of aging gracefully, and the costs will be comfortable on your pocket too.