Age Appropriate Makeup Ideas

The modern woman has taken up makeup in a much more serious way than her predecessors. Makeup is just not an external matter anymore but it requires intelligence and proper matching with various things like skin and hair type, skin color and off course age.

Everybody follows their own techniques of makeup which is suitable for their skin texture and color. One must also remember that as one ages elegantly there are certain areas to be taken care of when it comes to makeup. For a teenager or a woman in her early twenties much concealing may not be required while a woman in her late thirties may require some concealing.

With age there may come over certain changes with the skin by getting more oily or dry. Changing makeup techniques suitable with age not only add grace but also make one look more elegant and novel. Precisely the younger generation can opt for more fiery trends and bright makeup like outrageous red or shocking pink and may carry them quite well.

Eye makeup for the young can be well defined with matching eye shadows and dark mascaras and liners. But with age its better to tone down the makeup and use products that will keep the skin healthy and conceal the fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t mean one cannot use bright colors but lighter shades can make the look wonderful. Light eye shadows can compliment the look for the gracefully aging ladies.

Using too much blush on the skin for any age group isn’t recommendable. One must apply makeup elegantly and overdoing anything may spoil the whole look. Therefore blushes must be matching the skin tone and color and must be massaged gently to give a gentle glow than a loud one.

With age fine lines and wrinkles may appear on the facial area before anywhere else and the soft delicate areas around the eyes and lips are the first places to show such lines. Therefore it’s always recommended to use beauty products that moisturize and nourish the skin.

Bright colored lip sticks with lip gloss can be recommended for the young girls while the experienced ladies can go for more natural color lip balms. Young girls can use makeup intelligently to accentuate their best features while the elegant ladies must keep the makeup simple; the objective being to look glowing and fresh.

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