Advantages And Disadvantages Of Breast Vs Bottle Feed

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Breast Vs Bottle Feed

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Breast Vs Bottle Feed Breast feeding is the ideal feed for new born babies as their delicate digestive system and mother’s milk are completely complementary for each other. Nature has devised mother’s milk to give complete and whole nutrition to the new born till he becomes at least few months old.

Breast feeding has several positive values for the new born but the mother also benefits in a number of ways through breast feeding her baby! However, there are some unfortunate cases where the mother may not be available or she may not be in a condition to breast feed her baby.

In such cases bottle feed becomes the next indispensable option. Both breast feed and bottle feed has a number of advantages and disadvantages over one another which will be discussed shortly.

Benefits For The New Born And Mother From Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is the most natural form of nutrition for the new born which is therefore absolutely safe, easy on the digestive system and also carries the mother’s immune power forward to the baby. All kinds of vitamins and minerals are consumed by the baby once he feeds on breast milk.

The mother and baby gets to bond well through breast feeding and the mother’s body hormones work in proper fashion to restore her former physical shape. The uterus rapidly gets back to the normal size and pregnancy weight is also shed off faster through breast feeding.

Risks of breast cancer, ovarian or uterine cancers and osteoporosis are reduced to a great extent. The best thing about breast feeding is that it’s always available and the baby determines how much he requires according to the appetite level. Breast milk is always at the optimum temperature and therefore always readily available whenever the baby is hungry.

Certain Advantages Bottle Feed May Have Over Breast Feeding

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Breast Vs Bottle Feed1

Sometimes when mother is unavailable, has problems with milk production or she may be on certain medication then bottle feed becomes absolutely necessary. Bottle feed can be given by anybody in the family and thus unavailability of the mother may not affect the feeding of the baby and in the course each member gets a chance to spend time and bond with the baby.

Breast fed babies can digest the milk faster and therefore needs to feed frequently which leaves the mother exhausted and almost unable to cater to other things.

Disadvantages Of Bottle Feed

Bottle feed may not be enough or it may over feed the baby. Though formula milk manufactured by various leading brands claim to include almost all required nutrients essential for the baby yet it can’t give the level of nutrition or strength breast feeding may give. Formula milk may also affect the baby with digestion problems, diarrhea, vomiting or skin rash.

Formula milk needs to be warmed and prepared milk can’t be kept for a long time as bacteria formation takes place.  Formula milk becomes an added expenditure which some single mothers may not be able to afford. Unless its absolutely necessary new mothers are always advised to breast feed their new born babies for at least the first few months.