Adding Color To Your Sex Life

With the ambitious, hectic and demanding lifestyle of today, some added effort is needed to keep the flame of love kindling in your relationship. It is usual to see people using sexy lingerie, aromatic candles and oils, sex therapy and aphrodisiacs to add fresh sparks to their crumpling sex life and love relationship. Having tried all this, if you haven’t still succeeded in your efforts you can exploit one more element which is “colors”.

To keep up your love relationship and to enjoy good sex, knowing all the technical savoir faire isn’t enough. More so, because of the misconception in the society about the nature of sex being physiological rather than psychologically. Your love nest that is your bedroom, with its warmth and the right interiors has the power to stir up your sexual desires, and take your sexual experience onto a new high. You can turn your bedroom into a visual aphrodisiac with the aid of textures, art work, patterns and the use of sensual colors.

A well coordinated color scheme is significant to positively charge your bedroom and turn it into a place that emits sexual oomph. An inviting color scheme has the power to lure you and excite you while relaxing you at the very same time. A bedroom is not just meant for sex but is also for sleeping and relaxation, so using too bright or too loud a color may hamper with your sleep. Although a bright red is usually associated with passion and love, doing up your whole room in this shade might make it difficult for you to relax.

Stick to using pastel shades only, with bright colors used only in patches to create a dramatic effect. The color scheme doesn’t end on the walls and the flooring; coordinate your bedspreads and the remaining furniture with the overall color scheme.

Don’t go by the generally prescribed colors, because each color receives a varied response from different people. Decide on the color keeping in mind your personality and your general preferences. Since you and your partner are two different people the odds of your color choice being different are very high, and the solution to this lies in using a combination of colors to include all colors that excite the both of you.

And lastly, extend the power of color from your bedroom decor to your lingerie to perk up your sex life.