Add some Tea Tree Oil to your Bathroom Cabinet

If you’re one who has spent a lot of time around the cosmetic racks of a supermarket, you must have seen that there are a number of products which boast of containing tea tree oil, or quite likely you might have even used some of these products.

Since, most of these products contain tea tree oil only in traces and may alongside contain potentially harmful chemicals, we thought of giving you a few tips on how you can use tea tree oil directly to cure several problems.

Fighting acne and blackheads

Tea tree oil is both a strong anti-oxidants and a strong anti-septic, and above all it is perfectly safe to be applied directly onto the delicate facial skin. Although, the aroma of tea tree oil is overpowering and you may even experience a bit of irritation in the eyes, it still happens to be the best remedy to fight blackheads and acne. Just apply it over the affected area that a cotton swab and within days you’ll see the positive outcome.

How to get rid of bad breath

If you’re tired of shelling out big money on buying mouthwashes, you can use tea tree oil to effectively kill those tiny bacteria present inside the mouth which cause bad breath. This option is fairly less toxic when you compare it with most of the mouthwashes available on the racks of the supermarket. To use tea tree oil as a mouthwash, just add a few drops of it to warm water.

Also, if you have cold sores in your mouth, apply some tea tree oil directly onto the sores with a cotton swab, let it be there for some time and then swish it around with some warm water. There’s one thing you must always remember, when using tea tree oil to cure mouth related problems, that you must never swallow any of it.

For cuts, scratches and skin infections

If you just got hurt and have a minor cut or abrasion, then instead of using the regular anti-septic lotion, you some tea tree oil on the affected area and see how speedily the recovery takes place. That tea tree oil also has some Anti-Fungal properties and so you will find it as an effective remedy to treat fungal skin problems such as athlete’s foot and ring worm.

And lastly, when you are affected with cold, dip a towel in hot water to which tea tree oil has been added and drape it on your face to inhale the vapors. You will be thrilled to see what a tremendous relief it is.

Sidharth Thakur