Acne and Pimples

The beauty of you lies in your skin so gals if you have problems and skin diseases then better shut yourself up in the room because no amount of make up or expertise can hide diseased skin. So better jet set go and find out some solutions to the skin problems particularly acne and pimples. Most of us have suffered from this at the onset of puberty or later in life.

At the onset of puberty these pimples occur due hormonal changes but later when it appears then be sure it has been caused due to irregularity of skin care and proper skin treatment. Most of us love to apply make ups but how many of us take proper aftercare or even care to remove the make ups properly after the party is over. Often this residue along with dust and other impurities block the pores and as a result the skin cannot breathe nor can it excrete the excess oil produced in the skin.

So it starts to store them in a lump like formation just below the surface of the skin which we call pimples. They can be quite painful at times and even sometimes it may get infected due to bacterial infection. Apart from this stomach problems and irregular bowl clearance may also result in the appearance of the pimples.

One of the best ways to treat pimples is to change your food habit and avoid fried and junky food. Never ever apply any oil based cream in the affected regions of the face and always it is better to go for herbal cure than the chemical ones. A pack of neem leaves, turmeric, should be applied to the affected portion and if that does not help choose an anti pimple cream with active ingredient like sulphur chromide. Eat healthy and stay beautiful.