Acid Reflux Is A Common Problem During Pregnancy

sleep-during-pregnancy The terrible burning feeling right at the back of your throat can be quite discomforting. This phenomenon is called acid reflux, and the burning sensation is as strong as one would feel with a live coal shoved into one’s throat.

It can make you feel sick almost instantaneously, and can upset your daily routine.

Now, this problem becomes even more grave and troublesome when you’re pregnant. Huge number of  pregnant women experience acid reflux during the third trimester, and in some cases the problem may be so severe that you may find it difficult to even sleep properly.

Here are some things that can help the expecting mothers to deal with the problem of acid reflux.

First on, you need to calm down, because acid reflux is no permanent nightmare and is most likely to disappear after childbirth. And even during pregnancy, there are several little things that you can do to avoid this problem or at least to cut down on its severity.

Since you’re pregnant, taking acid reflux medication is not suggested, as some of the antacids are not considered safe during pregnancy. With that said, it’s clear that you have to try all the alternative methods to ease down your condition. Here is a small list of things that might help.

1. You need to avoid all highly acidic foods like citrus fruits and juices, vinegar, tomatoes, sodas, chocolates and all the sweet stuff. Coffee and fried and fatty foods are also believed to aggravate the problem, so avoid these as well.

2. Avoid overeating, and distribute your daily calorie consumption into six short meals rather than the regular three big meals.

3. Don’t eat anything at least one hour before you hit the bed. And most importantly always sleep in a posture that will prevent back flow of the foods, getting digested in the stomach.

4. And finally, water is your best friend, so down as many glasses of water as you can.

Sidharth Thakur