Accessorize Your Work Wardrobe

Not all women are gifted with the ability to accessorize their outfits. Though they have fabulous clothes they lack the ability to put life into what they wear as they are not able to accessorize. When you are at work during the week you need to keep up with the dress code. There are very few work places that deem denims fit to be worn during the week. Most offices require a formal attire to be worn during the week. Thus you need to get your accessories in place to suit your formal wear.

When you are deciding on what to wear to the office make sure that you also consider your accessories like your watch, belt, shoe, bag and jewelry. What ever you choose remember that it needs to be small and elegant; keep the chunky accessories and junk jewelry for out of office attire. Wear all jewels in the same metal. Do not blend gold and silver as they will clash.

Pant suits are very comfortable for a daily wear. With this you can wear a fine bangle in one hand and a wrist watch in the other. You can also wear a fine belt and a hair clip or band in your hair. Tie a scarf to your bag. You can use this on your hair when you are outdoors to protect your hair from sun damage.

You can wear a pair of shoes that match your bag however if your attire is in a mono tone you can wear a contrasting shoes and bag combo. This will be an interesting twist to your look. However if you are wearing prints then you will need to match them.

Printed tights and pantyhose are for weekends and after office hours. For the office wear neutral hose in black or skin color; this will depend on your outfit.

When you are at work you may be required to stand or walk for long periods; this can cause a strain on your foot. In order to prevent this you must wear medium sized heels. Wear flats as often as you can. Ballet flats are a popular trend and you can get a pair to match every outfit. This gives you the flexibility of playing around with your formal outfits.