Accessories, Your Style Statement

accessory Fashion accessories are very essential while dressing up for any occasion whatsoever. Accessories, especially in the twenty-first century play a significant role in defining style statement of individuals.

We hardly see any girl, or even boy nowadays venturing outdoors without an accessory. We can therefore say that one is incomplete without accessories and that accessories dominate our daily lives.

Newspapers and magazines are splashed with pictures of models and celebrities all decked up in accessories. Simple accessories like earrings, necklaces, trinkets, bracelets, finger-rings, toe-rings,etc have a found favour with the youth.

Apart from adding style and color to an outfit, accessories also serve other purposes. Handbags are very useful for carrying things like money, cellphone, water, umbrella and other things.

Hats protect us from the heat.

Belts are meant to tighten up the outfit which makes us look smarter.

Gloves and scarves protect us from cold.

Watches are important accessories since they help us to keep track of time. They make a latest trends in accessories.

Sunglasses protect our eyes from the glaring rays of the sun.

Pins take care of the folds in a sari by holding them together.

Leggings are used to prevent the skin from tanning.

However, many of the accessories are used as symbols of religions and culture. Crucifixes, Jewish stars, Islamic headscarves, skullcaps, turbans, bangles worn by Sikhs known as ‘kadas’, pendants depicting Hindu gods and goddesses, bracelets, armlets are some common examples.

Belly chain is emerging as a hot item in accessories today. It is a type of waist chain worn around the waist, made of silver or gold. Prisoners, may also wear belly chains, to which his hands may be cuffed.

Nowadays, cellphones and laptops have also occupied the position of accessories. Various companies have launched new, colorful, sleek laptops which matches with one’s outfit properly.

BlackBerry accessories, Trea accessories, iPhone accessories are flooding today’s market. Accessories add that extra hint of glitter and glamour to one’s attire and gives a complete makeover.

There are various kinds of accessories like jewellery, gloves, handbags, belts, hats, scarves, watches, sunglasses, pins, stockings, now tie, leggings, neck tie, and tights.