Accessories To Style Up Your Office Outfits

dbp Dressing up well for office is significant, because your dress up has an important role to play in making your career image. While you must adhere to the dress code, as specified by your employer, there are little things you can experiment with to stand out and get noticed in the professional arena.

For the best effect, let your clothing be simple and formal, but for an eye catching style get yourself some office wear accessories, to create your own personal style. Here’s a list of the five most essential and stately accessories that you will need, to add a punch of style without compromising with the professional decorum.


Scarves are a must have accessory to look glamorous and luxurious in your office wear, and if you are willing to dish out more cash, then get yourself some scarves in silk. What’s most important with scarves is to wear them in the right place and in the right style, and there’s a complete article we have dedicated to this in one of our earlier writings.

A leather strap watch

Go out and spend some money to get a branded classic watch with a leather strap, to wear to office. Avoid picking up anything cheap, and worst still something that’s too bulky or flashy. You need something that is simple and yet stylish its own way.

Strapped Heels

Strapped heels make for great office footwear, especially the T-strap style, as they offer good ankle support and give you height and poise that exhibits confidence. Pair them with anything, whether it’s a pencil skirt, a business suit or a trouser, and they’ll never look out of place. However, keeping the comfort aspect in mind, avoid anything that’s higher than 3 inches, since office work may involve a lot of activities.


One versatile piece of jewelry, which can be worn on any day of the week and with almost any formal outfit, is a strand of pearls. White pearls make for the best choice as they can be paired with absolutely any outfit in any color.

Solitaire ear studs

Forget about the caret weight, and just get yourself a nice pair of diamond solitaire studs. They look absolutely stunning with classic formal dressing. In case your budget is tight, then you can go in for rubies or emeralds, but you must avoid wearing the artificial diamonds.

Sidharth Thakur