Accessories in Animal Prints

Animal prints have given up their role of being a classic fashion staple and are back into mainstream fashion. So, go on and get yourself some nice footwear and accessories in exotic leopard, zebra or tiger prints to reveal the wild side of you.

Animal prints are quite a sensation and there are several popular designers who have launched their own clothing lines in fantastic animal prints. When you have decided in favor of animal prints, then either club a plain dress with shoes and accessories in animal prints or if you want to wear an animal prints outfit then keep your shoes and accessories in plain colors, to enjoy a zesty overall appeal.

Nearly all fashion accessories, such as handbags, hats, scarves, footwear and belts, are easily available in wonderful animal prints across most of the trendy fashions stores. While tiger, leopard and Zebra Prints have been around for quite some while, the latest and the most fantastic addition to animal prints is the pony hair print.

There are lots and lots of well known brands offering a stupendous range of footwear and accessories in animal prints. And if you make some wise picks you’ll find that your animal prints shoes are completely timeless and can be matched with just about any outfit, just like your beloved black shoes. While tiger, leopard and cheetah prints have a subdued elegance factor attached to them at the same time as being modestly trendy, the newer varieties of zebra and pony hair prints can give a twist to your looks, making you look more stylish and trendy.

If animal prints are too trendy for you and you feel a bit scared to try on animal print shoes or handbags, try a small lick of animal prints on some small accessories such as your belt, headband or your scarf. This way you can feel safe to try on something as brisk as animal prints and yet avoid getting completely drowned in them. There’s a lot of spice factor to animal prints, so try out some fashion accessories in animal prints to give a new sensational twist to your regular dress up.

Sidharth Thakur