Accessories for Short and Petite Women

Don’t look at yourself in the mirror and frown because you are not happy with how tall or slender you are. There are many things that you can do to make yourself look gorgeous no matter what your shape or figure. So chin up and read on! I have a few tips that you are going to appreciate.

Remember, if you are short then you may not always get clothes in your length. In this case you need to purchase the size that fits you best and make the alterations according to your height and the length that you desire.

Avoid oversized accessories and embellishments. These make you look smaller. Instead look out for medium sized buttons and beads. Don’t throw out your existing clothes that have large buttons or embellishments; instead replace them with smaller ones. Also, you may want to replace shiny metallic accessories for those that have a matte finish.

Avoid wearing clothes that have contrasting cuffs and collars. These clothes make the frame of your body look smaller; something that you are trying to avoid.

When choosing jackets keep in mind that they need to look good with trousers as well as skirts so it is best to choose jackets that are short; rather than those that are too long.

Keep in mind that not only your clothes but your hair style also has a lot to do with your look. It is best to have a short or a medium length hair cut if you are not very tall. This makes your body look slender and taller. Even though you may have strong locks you may want to consider a shorter cut instead of keeping your hair long.

Don’t cover your forehead with heavy bangs as this too reduces your height. Slight bangs will help to cover a large forehead while also making sure that you are trendy.

Don’t carry over sized bags or wear over sized sunglasses. A large bag looks unappealing on a small frame and over sized sunglasses make you look smaller than you are. In order to avoid this carry a medium sized bag or clutch and wear sunglasses with small frames.