About Exfoliating Skin And You

Exfoliating skin is actually nothing but rubbing off the dead cells from your skin This is a healthy way to take care of your skin at all times It is good to exfoliate skin and exfoliate the face on a regular basis

The skin tone is maintained, skin pores are kept clean, skin texture is improved and wrinkles and fine lines on the skin, especially the face, can be reduced. Acne can also be prevented with the help of exfoliatesTo exfoliate the face, you can use mainly two different methods, physical and chemical The physical method makes use of abrasive material which rubs against your skin and removes all dirt and dead skin.

You can use loofahs, scrubs, cleansing cloths and easily available masks The loofah is a natural and fibrous dried sponge which is simply amazing as a sloughing implement A little soap can be applied on the loofah and it should be gently scrubbed over the body in a circular motion This is the most commonly used exfoliating tool.

Oatmeal, gram flour, sugar, cornmeal, salt, coffee, microbeads, honey, olive oil, avocado, citrus fruits, strawberry, herbs, essential oils and almonds are other easily available ingredients used for exfoliating Coconut oil or mustard oil can be applied on the whole body and then scrubbed off while bathing with the help of gram flour.

Face packs made of flour, lemon and honey are special home made methods for exfoliating dead skin The skin on the face is more sensitive than the skin on other parts, and needs to be handled more sensitively Apply moisturizer after exfoliating to avoid dryness of the skinDry skin invites wrinkles.

Chemical peels can also be used to exfoliate face and skin Chemical toners can be used, they change the cell growth pattern and also help increase the production of collagen Alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxyl acids help to a greater extent in exfoliating skinDermatologists make use of a hand held device which sprays fine crystals onto your skin and then uses vacuum to suck them up, along with dead cells Pores are also deep cleaned this way Retin A can also be used for unclogging pores, but only when prescribed.


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