Abortion Can Cause Fertility Problems in Future

There has been a lot of rhetoric propaganda surrounding the issue of abortion. There are religious and social beliefs that go against the idea of abortion. However, here will leave aside all these religious and social taboos, and talk about the medical implications of getting an abortion, especially in terms of fertility.

So if you’re thinking of getting an abortion done, you must understand that an abortion today can compromise on your fertility in the future.

A much unbiased medical approach suggests that a woman’s fertility may be seriously affected after going in for an abortion. However, there is no accurate proof to suggest that this happens in each and every case of abortion. It is estimated that nearly one third of the women who have a history of abortion, find themselves facing fertility problems when they are trying to conceive in their later life.

There are certain specific cases of abortion where the woman may face fertility problems in future, and these are the effects of abortion detailed here:

Abortions involving intensive procedures which cause irreparable damage to the uterus lining. This lining serves as the breeding ground for the fetus, and obviously in its absence the fetus doesn’t have anything to adhere to. The lining may be reinstated with medical help, but it’s usually a long process that may extend to more than a year.

Since abortions are invasive, they bring in the problem of developing serious infections which may become difficult to treat without heavy medication. There is a lot of after care that’s needed after the abortion, especially in terms of sanitation and hygiene. Even mild derailment from the after care program, as suggested by your physician, can lead to the development of infections in the womb and the vagina. Sometimes the infection can even travel up to the ovaries, making them incapable of producing healthy eggs.

The cervix may also endure some damage during the abortion procedure, and if it so happens you are likely to face problems in conceiving. For women who have had more than one abortion, the chances of developing cervical cancer are quite high, and this cancer will make it nearly impossible for you to get pregnant.

However, if there seems no way out but to get an abortion, then look for a physician who is an expert in the field, so that your chances of facing fertility problems in future remain negligible.