A Woman’s Vanity Purse

As a woman carries her world in the purse, its power is often misjudged. Most women think the purse to be a mere container that can carry their car keys, lipstick, wallet and all those other items necessary for your trip outside the house. What women forget is that the purse also acts as a powerful fashion accessory. The right purse can draw attention to your looks and highlight the curves of your body while the wrong choice can be a disaster.

It’s not a difficult task to find the ideal purse. Remember that proportion is the key to buy that perfect purse. The size of your purse should match the shape and size of your body. It’s a common rule to buy big bags for large bodies while small purses are preferable for small bodies.

If you are thin and short in length, choose a small bag that you can clutch near your body. Selecting a huge purse will act as a mask for your persona, making you appear lost.

A bag of average size works the best if you have a tall and thin body. However, while selecting a shoulder bag, select the one that fits nicely below your arm and stays close to the waist. Such bags will make your lean body appear curvaceous.

Shoulder bags that dangle over the hips are perfect for those having huge hips. Conversely, women having a top-heavy anatomy should use large messenger bags, handbags or bags with long straps that will distract the attention from their heavier upper part of the body. Plus size women should select bags that are quite wide.

Women with the perfect hourglass figure can go for any kind of bag. However, keeping the rule of proportion in mind will help to find the ideal purse. So, follow this rule and the ideal purse will not be difficult to get.