A Twist In The Belt And Scarf Fashion

belt-scarf-pink Belts and scarves have always been every woman’s favorite fashion accessories, because they are fairly economical, versatile and can be easily matched with an array of clothing. For the past few fashion seasons the trend was around wider belts and graphically designed scarves, but now the trend has drifted a bit.

The old style plain or lightly printed silk scarves and thin micro belts, which were popular nearly two or three decades back, have bounced back into mainstream fashion. And here’s a little update on both these fashion accessories.

The ever so elegant silk scarves

A lightly printed scarf is this summers favorite add on, and in case you haven’t grabbed one by now get it now, because this style of a silk scarf is the easiest and the best way to liven up a drab looking outfit. Silk scarves are a class apart, and none of the synthetic ones with blown up graphics, can ever match the elegance and glamour of these. The current trend calls for lightweight and delegate scarves with minimum and more sophisticated patterns.

And instead of the regular style of putting a scarf around your neck, try something different like tying your hair with it. You can also try some interesting knots, and if nothing else just wear it as a sash belt and you will look fantastic.

Narrow micro belts

Over the last few seasons the wide corset belts had become so popular that nearly every third woman on the streets was seen wearing them. But now it’s time to say goodbye to them, and replace them with some neat skinny belts.  And the change is not just in the belt style, but also in the place where you wear it, as these skinny belts must be worn a little higher on the waist.

These micro belts are available in a wide range of styles, there are plain ones and the heavily embellished ones, and there are those in patent leather and those in metallic finishes. However, the most stylish is the one embellished with military medallions.

Sidharth Thakur