A Survival Guide For The Winter Season

Winter has arrived with the beautiful holidays season and so has come the negativity of the season with the chances of catching a cold and running nose. This however does not mean bye-bye to the sneakers.

According to a new research exercising done under the open sky can prove to be way more successfully restorative psychologically compared to getting sweaty inside the room. Studies on this clearly suggests that a quality time spend outside goes a long way in helping to fight and as well fend off the seasonal affective disarrays.

It helps a lot in fighting the lethargy along with the depression that is common when the days start getting shorter. It should be given a serious consideration that a workout done in open air can actually help in avoiding flu and cold viruses that can get into the gym carried by other exercisers. And if while working out in the open heavy winter jackets and boots are on –it helps in burning calories ten percent more for the same workouts.

Clothes for winter workouts has a system suggested by renowned exercise physiologist –“Tom Holland”. The three layers dress-up. This system consists of the outer shell which is made from a nylon material to safeguard against the wind, then the second layer consisting of fleece or wool for the purpose of insulation and the last layer contacting the body directly should be of a synthetic fabric that would help keeping the moisture away.

Wearing sunscreen is a must, because the weather maybe cold, but that is not stopping the heat of the sun to touch the skin.

A constant fluid intake is very necessary due to the fact that if someone is working hard, they will sweat irrespective of the season and the weather conditions.

There is however more to the season of winter in the form of fun and peril both. If the environment at home gets cold beyond sustainable limits a ready fireplace is a must along with enough fuel to keep it going throughout.

While traveling is a mandate even in extremely cold weather, taking the car out at the time of a blizzard is not recommended at all. However, if it cannot be avoided, then being ready and getting the vehicle ready as well for the extreme seasonal problems of winter is highly recommended.