A Sparkle In Your Eyes

beautyfuleyes Our eyes express more than our words, and that’s reason enough to ensure that your eyes are always in the best of shape. Even a mild flutter of the eyes can cause a lot of excitement, but for that your eyes need to be so healthy as to shine from within, even without the need of any cosmetics.

Aging, puffiness and development of dark circles around the eyes can completely kill the charm of the eyes. And well, treating these problems becomes a tad more difficult, because the skin around the eyes is overly delicate, with a highly vulnerable underlying support structure.

There are no fatty supportive tissues to be found in the under eye region, and that makes the task of treating the affected area even more onerous. But still you must treat this area, because neglecting it is simply going to worsen up the situation. So here’s a little help on how you can tone your eyes using purely natural remedies.

If dark circles around your eyes are what bother you, then take some potato or cucumber slices and place them on your closed eyes. Let your eyes relax under the slices for a minimum of twenty minutes and then you could splash some cool freshwater onto your eyes.

When this is done on an everyday basis, you will be able to see the results within a week’s time. Also this remedy works well in case of puffy eyes. Apart from this little favor that you can do to your eyes, the other most important thing to remember is to remove your eye makeup carefully using a mild cleanser that is safe to be used on this delicate skin. If no other cleanser is at hand, try some baby wash because it’s absolutely safe and quite effective in removing all the traces of the make-up.

Eye strain is another thing you need to guard against, if you want to preserve the lovely gleam of your eyes. And for that apart from correcting your reading and TV watching activities, you can use the herb called Euphrasia. Euphrasia is also commonly known as eyebright herb and is believed to be the most potent solution to red and irritated eyes.

Mix in about two tablespoons of this into some water and then use cotton balls to apply the solution to your eyes. There is also a homeopathic medicine by the same name, which can be taken orally to help with strained and irritated blood shot eyes.

Sidharth Thakur