A Sexy Surprise For Your Man When He Comes Back Home

dv2174037 With the rising costs and the kind of plush lifestyle that we lead, it is difficult to make both ends meet, unless both the man and the woman are earning. With both of the partners pursuing their careers, their personal life becomes a little miserable. And their sex life suffers even more when one of them has to tour frequently for business purpose.

Here are things that help you to spice up your sex life, when the two of you finally get to be together.

Plan up

When you’ve been without each other for a while, and are completely starved for sex, any kind of sex will feel ultimate, when you first reunite.  But soon enough, everything will go off the edge, if you do not try something new and more exciting.

Like you can’t have the same sandwich every day, likewise you need their variety in terms of sex as well. So when you know your man is coming back after a hectic and long stretched tour, plan up on doing something different and naughty, like tying up each other or blindfolding.

Treat his visuals and his senses

Visuals play strong in a man’s sexual excitement, so give him a visual treat when he gets back home. Some sexy lingerie and a tinge of sensuousness added to your makeup are sure to arouse him and want him to make it out with you again and again.

And to make things even better, give his other senses also a treat with some new fragrances and by fondling, stroking and massaging his body parts which you generally tend to ignore during sex. Treat all his senses and excite him to the core and you’ll be glad to see the passion and intensity with which he makes love to you.

No constraints

When your man is mostly traveling and the two of you get together only for a few days, it’s not wise to let sex be the after dinner thing that you do in the bed.

Don’t put any restrictions on when and where to have sex, rather look for new places within your house where both of you can make out. And the same goes for time, there is no hard and fast rule that sex is something to be done only at night so get into the act in the morning or in the evening or in the afternoon that’s whenever you feel like it.

As it is you don’t get very many chances of being together, so make the most of whatever little time you get to spend together.