A Romantic Wedding At The Beach

If you’ve decided to celebrate your special day, your wedding, at the beach then we’ve got some wonderful ideas to make your beach wedding more fun and exciting. Here are little things that you can do to make your beach wedding an exhilarating experience for the both of you as well as your guests.

Special invitations

When you’ve decided to make your wedding special by hosting it on a beach, let your romantic wedding ideas for invitations also be different and unique, to exhibit your elated feelings. Let the beach theme run through your invitations as well, so look for invitation cards which have a touch of sand or of seashells. You can also stick a seashell on each of the invitation envelopes.

The decor

When you want to infuse the romanticism of a beach in to your wedding, using flowers is just not enough so think about using seashells, corals and other treasures of the sea in your décor scheme. Palm leaves are the other thing that you must use generously in your wedding décor; you can use them around the guest’s chairs, on the food counters and also on the little stage where you will take the wedding vows.

You can also make use of real grass and creepers to decorate the banquet tables. And finally, add a little bit of spice with colored ribbons and colored gauze, interspersed in your décor, to add a little contrast to the dry and arid look of the sand.

Going with the tide

Now when everything has got a rich sea appeal to it, how can you, as the bride, still stick around with the usual white wedding gown? Instead of the Victorian style bridal gown, opt for a smooth flowing scarf dress, with a halter neckline, or still better one which is off the shoulder and completely strapless. And instead of the usual white wedding gown you could also try getting one which is in mild shades of sky blue or in sandy shades.

And lastly, get a nice pineapple wedding cake to blend with the beach theme and arrange for some Caribbean music to tap your feet.

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Sidharth Thakur