A Reason Why Ladies Prefer Wide Shoes for Her Feet

Apart from dresses, accessories and shoes also forms an integral part of women’s wardrobe.

There are various kinds of shoes which finds place in a women’s wardrobe. What kind of shoe you will wear depends on the occasion and also the type of dress which you are teaming up with your shoes.

There are various types of design that of sandals, sneakers, boots and canvas shoes. Some have narrow fit while others have wide fits. Even though women wear narrow fitting shoes, it is better if you try to wear wide fitting shoes both at home and at work place.

Some women need to wear shoes always as their arches need support. In order to support your arches, you need to wear wide based shoes as it will provide the necessary area and also help your toes from aching. So if you wear normal fit shoes and not wide shoes then you might have problem in your toe. It is better to choose wide fitting shoes over narrow fit shoes if you want to avoid the following problems:

• Hammer Toes

If you wear shoes which are slim, then you can develop hammer toes. Hammer toes are caused if your toes remain curled due to the slim nature of the shoes. So it is better to opt for wide shoes which will help you to get rid of this problem.


Wearing slim fit and narrow shoes may lead to corns, which are very painful. Corns normally appear on the little finger, which is pretty painful and makes it look worse. Wearing slim fit shoes will aggravate this problem.

• Calluses

Ladies prefer wide shoes in order to avoid calluses which results in thickening of the skin in the toes. It is usually caused due to contact of shoes with the skin, where the skin gets rubbed with the shoe constantly. The degree might vary, but it is pretty painful.

• Inappropriate Blood Circulation

Shoes with small base also results improper blood circulation. Improper blood circulation in the feet, in order will result to further discomforts. So in order to avoid it, it is better to go for wide shoes.

In order to make your feet comfortable and your walking easier, you should select shoes with proper base and texture. So whatever type of shoe you buy, do not forget to check the base and the texture, which is an important criterion to keep your feet healthier.