A Reason To Tap Your Feet

Seeing that most women have a strong lust for shoes, we thought of putting up together this small guide to help you enjoy an absolutely fabulous collection of shoes in your wardrobe.

Before we tell you what all shoes you must have, let us talk a little about some other footwear aspects. To get the perfect runway look and absolute comfort, it’s important that you get the perfect size. Unless you are comfortable in your shoes you can never walk gracefully, so you really have to be particular about the right size.

Only the shoe doesn’t have to look great, even your feet should be well kept if you want to stay in the limelight, particularly so when you’re wearing the sexy strapped shoes. We know that stilettos are the sexiest of all shoes, however going for a heel more than 4in. could make it difficult for you to walk. So before you shell out hundreds of dollars on getting a pair of stilettos, be sure that you can walk comfortably with those shoes.

Here is a list of shoes that you must have in your wardrobe.

1. Flat ballet shoes are indeed the most comfortable in women’s shoes, and they are one style which can easily fit into casual or formal settings. You can wear them with a classic formal outfit to a board meeting, or you can team them up with your jeans and top when going for a stroll in the park.

2. If you’re really fashion savvy, then you must grab a pair of classic pumps to pep up your ensemble. You needn’t buy them in different colors; just one pair of black is enough to go with most of your peppy dresses.

3. Want to add a little of bit of spice and sensuousness to your dress up, get yourself a nice pair of boots. Boots common in different lengths and for a dynamic look wear a short skirt over knee length boots.

4. Strapped sandals are a great buy to go with almost all types of dresses. There is a lot of feminine touch in these strapped sandals, and men really love to see women wearing these sandals. Strapped sandals also give you a chance to show off your beautiful feet. A slightly more appealing version of strapped sandals is one with ankle straps, but they look good only when you have tall slim legs.

5. And the last is a comfortable pair of wedges; they are way too comfortable and are a great footwear option for holidays or for women will have to walk around a lot.

Sidharth Thakur