A Range Of Headbands To Choose From

headband A headband is the most stylish, the most versatile, the most affordable and the trendiest hair accessory.  And the loveliest part is that they never go out of fashion, it’s just that their styles keep changing. Here are a few of the more common headbands that you can find at nearly every fashion accessory store.

The plastic headbands

These are the most common, and they are usually popular with all teenagers and school going kids. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not meant for grownups, as a lot many celebrities are seen wearing plastic headbands, both on screen as well as off screen. The shape may vary from straight to wavy to round and the style may vary from brightly colored to matte finish. And the best part is that they are usually low priced, so you can stock up as many as you want without really putting a dent on your wallet.

The fabric headbands

These can be of two types, firstly there are the sturdy plastic bands which have been covered up in some fancy fabric covering and secondly they may be broad elastics covered in fabric. The second type, that is the one with elastic inside, is quite comfortable because it doesn’t keep slipping every now and then.

Both the styles are available in a variety of colors, embellishments and widths, and the rest is all about how you can use them to create different effects and styles.

Toothed headbands

These are mostly made of either plastic or metallic wire, and the design is such that it has prongs, almost like a comb, on one of the sides. These prongs help in securing the head band tightly into the hair and to prevent the headband from slipping. Interestingly, the visual effect that these prongs create is quite pleasing.

Novelty headbands

These headbands are meant to be worn on specific occasions, and they may be made of a range of materials such as plastic, fabric, leather or wood. For Christmas you have reindeer and antler inspired headbands and for some quirky occasion you could even use headbands with bunny ears or tiny horns.

Sidharth Thakur