A Quick Way To Find The Right Hand Bag Style

hand-bag-style Choosing a handbag is not all about fashion, you need to take your personal style and your lifestyle also into perspective. And adding one more feature that is the practical aspect of the bag, you’ll realize that choosing a handbag isn’t one easy task.

It’s quite palpable for women to get confused when they need to choose a handbag, but if you follow these little guidelines here, you won’t really face any problem in finding out what handbag style suits you the best.

We have broadly divided handbags into three different styles, and against each category we have mentioned five features. Look through all the features under each of the categories, and if three or more features seem applicable in your case then that’s the handbag category that you should be looking for.

Small and simple handbags

Whether it’s a small messenger bag or an over the shoulder bag, the bag is usually small and simple and is quite unlikely to hamper your personal style. This kind of a bag is most suited for you when:

1. You need something small to carry nothing more than your car keys, some cash and your credit cards.

2. You’re looking for a style that is truly casual.

3. Your daily routine is simple and relaxed.

4. Comfort means more than anything else.

5. You have an Athletic built.

Structured bags with many pockets

Women, with busy lifestyle, need a bag mainly for practical purpose, that is to carry things, and so a structured bag which has ample pockets to accommodate things is the best fit for them. Additionally, here are some of the features that will help you determine whether this bag style is meant for you or not.

1. You need to carry a lot of things, such as makeup, car keys, small documents, credit cards, cash, face tissues Etc.

2. If your personal style is somewhat classic rather than casual.

3. If you have a busy and hectic daily schedule.

4. If the practical aspect of the handbag is more important than its looks.

5. If you have a curvy feminine figure.

The fashion forward over sized bags

These big, bold and stylish bags are meant for the fashion forward dames who want to stay on top with the latest trends. And, you would need one such bag if

1. You normally carry a whole load of things around, in your bag.

2. You have a trendy personal style.

3. You don’t have any fixed daily schedule, and you never know where you might be the very next hour.

4. When style is as important as the holding capacity of the bag.

5. If you have a slender and toned body.

Sidharth Thakur