A Quick Touch Of Makeup To Look Beautiful

Whatever occasion you’re heading for, we’ve got this short guide here to help you apply the right makeup and present the best side of you to the world. It’s not too tough to look beautiful and would take just a few minutes of your time, so your regular excuse that you are in a hurry or over occupied doesn’t fit in here.

The first thing is to apply a foundation to your face skin to get an even looking skin tone and a smooth texture.

Just a few drops are enough, and any excess will seem like a distinctly visible layer. Smooth it out so as to blend it well with your face skin. Now before you step any further it is important to understand that your face make-up should either focus the lips or the eyes, but never both.

If you intend to focus on your eyes then user heavy eyeliner to mark the eyes and follow it up with some eye shadow for your eyelids and a coat of mascara for your lashes, and for your lips, just apply a mild lipstick.

On the other hand when you wish to have the focus on your lips use stronger shades of lip liner and lipstick to decorate your lips and finally top up your lips with some gloss and for your eyes just skip the mascara and the eye shadow.

When you’re decking up for a daytime function, stick to using pastels or neutral shades of lipstick, leaving out all the darker shades like blood red and maroon for nighttime parties.

If the last time you went out for a facial threading was more than a week ago, then maybe some fresh sprouts of hair on your upper lip and chin region have become visible. If there aren’t many, pluck them unless you want to make a manly call. Also ensure that your armpits are clean of any hair if you are wearing a dress that may expose them.

The other hair that you need to take care of is your crowning glory, and since you won’t have much time on hand we will not ask you to shampoo and conditioner them. If it’s too frizzy, tame it with a little bit of hair serum. Or just use a little bit of hair moose to hold your locks in place.

Well that’s all that is needed, so put away all the excuses and improve your looks before you step out the next time.

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Sidharth Thakur