A Quick Guide To Makeup

makeup1 You don at always have hours on hand, to deck up your looks before every appointment, so here as a small guide to quick makeup which can help you get ready within five minutes, for your next appointment.

The Eyes

To begin with the eyes, just apply a bit of foundation to your eyelids before you coat them up with eye shadow. This way the eye shadow effect will not just come out wonderful, but will also last much longer. And using the foundation as the base coat makes even more sense when you are using powdered eye shadow. As for the shade itas always best to go in for some neutral color, since dark and heavy colors are difficult to blend well.

The shade choice for the eye shadow should be made with specific regards to your eye color, like purple eye shadow shade is a nice way to create a bold statement when you have brown colored eyes. And if you have hazel eyes then try some shade of green eye shadow, and the other way round you can use golden eye shadow shades if you have green colored eyes. Blue eyes look all the more dramatic and sensuous when you use a blue eye shadow, preferably one that as one tone lighter than your natural eye color.

The Cheeks

The most important thing to be considered while applying makeup to your cheeks is your natural skin tone, and all cosmetics such as foundation and blush should be bought accordingly.  The best way to apply blush to your cheeks is to smile in front of the mirror, and then sweep the blush across the arc of the cheekbone and apples of your cheek. Do make sure that you blend it well with your remaining skin.

The Lips

Eyes and lips are the two focal points on the face, and so you need to pay good attention to the way you decorate your lips, if you really want to make the heads turn. It as always good to moisturize the lips before styling them up with a lipstick, as this prevents ugly looking cracks from coming to the surface. Choose a lipstick shade that goes well with your skin tone, and that looks soft and natural on your lips.

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Sidharth Thakur