A Pregnancy Pillow Is Perfect For Moms

Being pregnant is not always a bed of roses, and many pregnant women will attest that comfort may be quite unattainable when wanting a good rest as the belly grows bigger. Hence, the use of a pregnancy pillow is helpful to the expecting mom.

Maternity or pregnancy pillows are available in various sizes and shapes to suit every kind of body. A wedge pillow is as the name implies: in the form of a wedge to be tucked under the belly when the expecting mom sleeps on her side or behind the back to ease the weight of the growing fetus. It will reduce backache as sufficient blood flows through the body to nourish the baby, as well as ease swollen legs and ankles.

Changing shapes:

As the pregnancy advances, expecting moms may prefer to change the maternity pillow to suit their growing belly. Some might prefer different shapes and sizes as a matter of personal preference. Maternity pillows can come in full body sizes for a good snuggle that will support your front or your back while beanbag shaped maternity pillows allow you to cuddle, hug or be wrapped in them.

Different positions:

As fatigue is normally experienced during pregnancy, a maternity pillow is useful to relieve the fatigue by supporting the belly and lower back of the pregnant woman. The legs are also eased of any fatigue with the softness of the maternity pillow slipped between the knees.

A pregnant woman usually prefers to lie on her side to rest or sleep as this relieves her body of the growing baby’s weight. This is where a long and tube-liked pregnancy pillow can assist in making her more comfortable for a good rest as its length can be molded to conform to the body’s shape. It can be tucked in the front, to the back or to the head or the belly, offering great support as well as comfort for both the mother and baby.

Hence, a pregnancy pillow would be a great baby shower gift to the expecting mother. And even after your pregnancy, this pregnancy pillow can still be used as a support while you nurse your baby. It can be used even as your baby grows as these ergonomic pillows offer comfort and support to its user, whether young or old.