A Picture Perfect Wedding Ensemble

wedding It’s your special day, and you certainly want to look ravishingly beautiful in your wedding dress to get everyone’s eyes fixed on you. And most importantly you want your hunky boy, that’s your groom, to go bonkers about you.

A good wedding dress

Undoubtedly, you would be looking for a uniquely crafted dress, that’s capable of bringing out your beauty in the most magnificent style. There are lots and lots of things that you need to look for in a wedding dress, if you want the magic to work. It’s always better to get your dress and your groom’s dress from the same place, so that the both of you, clad in your wedding dresses, complement each other to make a real perfect couple.

What to look for

The most important of all things, is to buy a dress that goes with the season, in which your wedding is to take place. Based on the season you will have to decide about what kind of fabric and colors to choose. For the hot summer months look for something that lets your body breathe and stay cool throughout the ceremony, and something that doesn’t cling to your body with sweat, and for winters look for something that’s exactly the opposite.

The style of your wedding gown should be chosen with utmost care, to bring out your figure in the most enticing manner. For instance for the petite dames, frilly dresses which have a more horizontally stretching affect aren’t really the right choice, and you’d rather do better in a slimming mermaid gown, to look taller. As for the color of the dress, let your skin texture and your skin tone, be the guiding factors.

Apart from your wedding gown, there are a whole lot of other knickknacks that you must pay attention to, because without these accompaniments your dress would look fairly deficient. You need a nice headpiece or a hat, a veil, gloves and the right shoes.

Whatever add-ons you buy don’t compromise with the size, and if you can’t find something in one store look for it elsewhere, because anything that’s even one size different can completely ruin your look while making you awkwardly uncomfortable all through the ceremony. While some minor alterations to your wedding long maybe possible, making any alterations in the accessories won’t be practical.

Sidharth Thakur