A Mural For Your Kid’s Room

To give your kid’s room a fresh look, you needn’t revamp the old furniture or engage an interior designer. Small little touches, here and there, can make a whole lot of difference; say for instance getting a wall mural painted can lend the room the desired appeal.
And the loveliest part is that you don’t need to a real professional to come and do the wall mural, if you have some basic sketching and painting skills you can do a reasonably good job yourself. Sit down with your children and decide on a design or an image that they would love to see on their wall. Most children usually love to see their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes emblazoned on the walls of their bedroom.

Once you’re sure about the design, the next thing of course is to transfer it onto the wall. The best way to do this is to create a grid on the wall with about ten inch squares and then with the help of a chalk copy the design onto the wall. What’s important is to adjust the scale while making the grid, so that the grid marked on the wall and the one you mark on the image are proportionate. Well this task gets much easier if you have a projector at home, simply project the image and mark the lines on the wall.

The next step is to fill in the colors, for which you can use either acrylic paints or the usual latex based paints used for interiors. Use gloves and spread some old newspapers on the floor and the furniture around to avoid the mess. When painting you need to begin with the background first, using a wide paintbrush to fill colors in the larger areas. Follow it up by filling the colors in the remaining areas and leave the minute details for the last.

This can be a fun activity to enjoy with your kids on a Sunday, while at the same time giving your kid’s room an altogether new look. If you’re not sure about doing it on the wall, the other alternate places are doors of the room or the cupboard panels. Experiment on a smaller scale such as the door before you get involved in a larger project like the wall.

Sidharth Thakur