A Home Spa Feel

ayurveda-spa-treatments A spa experience is a great one and a great way to pamper yourself. If you want to have the same experience at home you can create your own home spa. Only thing, it would need a little planning and programming on your part .

If you are convinced about the experience you can provide, why not call in a few friends and enjoy the experience together? Won’t that be fun?

First, you can sit together and discuss the kind of things you must need at the spa. That would include all the bath oils, essential oils, scrubs, perfumed candles, body scrubs and body packs, sheets and towels and arrangements for even a manicure and a pedicure.

When you have all those ready and at hand start feeling good about enjoying a real spa experience at home soon.

You can next plan some healthy meals like the omelette with an egg white, and some chicken pieces friend with boiled vegetables for lunch. You could add some salad for dinner. Food could be a part of your spa at home to add to the verve and energy.

Walking round the neighborhood, taking a bike ride to the gym or watching a DVD for exercise could be interesting. The day could start with some fruits while you go for the exercise. You can walk as much at is necessary for you.

A body scrub and bath is an easy treatment at the spa. You can do this in the morning, take some rest and then take a facial massage. The nails of hands and feet can be done.

At the home spa there is always a larger scope to meditate. You do not have to try and meditate. You can sit for some time, be quiet and feel the peace within. That would help you to meditate better.

At some Spa you can listen to some talks on wellness and health and at your home spa you can take some time out and read something interesting, a health or a beauty book or magazine perhaps.

You should feel and look good after you come out of the spa. There should be that feeling of warmth and love around you and on your mind. At the end of the Spa treatment you should feel refreshed and welcome your family with a lot of love and warmth.