A Hair Care Routine For Oily Hair

moisturizing-hair During teenage one of the biggest hair related problems is greasy and oily hair. Apart from ones natural scalp type, excessive production of hormones during teenage is the next major factor that leads to this problem. Also your everyday hair care program and the place or climate in which you live may be responsible for your oily hair.

Before we tell you some wonderful ways of fight this oily hair problem, we need to emphasize that you should never resort to using harsh shampoos. Instead, always stick to using mild clarifying shampoos to prevent damage to your hair.

Shampoos and hair conditioners

As we just suggested you need to look for some very mild shampoos, which have the word clarifying written on the bottle. And as for the conditioner you definitely need to avoid it, but in case you must condition your hair then let the conditioner not come in contact with your scalp. Using conditioners will add on to the moisture and oil content of your hair, and thus your hair may end up looking even greasier.

You must always let the shampoo stand in your hair for at least five minutes during each hair wash, and if possible you need to shampoo your hair twice in each session. Also, avoid using water that is too hot, as hot water stimulates the production of natural oil in the scalp.


One of the most popular remedy to treat oily hair is rinsing your hair with some astringent. There are lots of astringents which can be bought at the cosmetic stores; however you can also make your own by mixing in some mouthwash with witch hazel. Whatever astringent you use, just rub it into your hair using cotton balls and then let it stay there for some time and then rinse it off with plain water. Astringents are supposed to be used after shampoo, and they are also supposed to help in removing the residue of the shampoo.

Sidharth Thakur