A Fish Pedicure – Ever Heard About That?

pedicure Just yesterday, I was browsing the net in search of the latest developments in spa treatments, and I hit upon something interesting which I’m going to talk about here.  It is the latest concept of fish pedicure, and although it was discovered in the eighteenth century, it has made its way into the spas only in the last year or two.

Fish pedicure

As the name is quite suggestive, freshwater fish is used to give your feet a new and healthy look. These, fresh water fish, will completely remove the dead skin, gently and without the need for any chemical treatments. This type of pedicure has also been observed to help with skin and joint diseases, although there is no scientific study to prove the same.

The fish species used in a fish pedicures essentially come from the Middle East, and their instinct to feed on dead skin of humans is a result of the scarcity of food in their warm and mineral laden habitat. Faced with an acute shortage of food supply, these fish have adapted themselves to nibbling dead skin from the fishermen folk who work in the water.

The experience

For some, putting your feet into a tub filled with fish might sound a little queasy. However, once you’re at it you will be all smiles, because of the tickling sensation. As you put your feet in the water, the hungry fish will start examining your feet for dead skin, and that ticklish feeling will soon gave way to a stimulating and relaxing experience. And don’t you get scared, because these tiny fish do not have any teeth and all they do is to suck the dead skin from your feet.

There are more than a hundred fish used for each pedicure, and as they swivel around your feet you will experience the most sensuous foot massage, you may ever have experienced. You won’t even realize how soon that initial uneasiness fritters away and you begin enjoying that tingling sensation.

The experience is difficult to elucidate in words, and the best way to understand the experience is to walk into a spa that offers fish pedicure.

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Sidharth Thakur