A Few Essentials that Every Woman Must Own

Every woman has a wardrobe that is bursting at the seams. Are you the kind of woman that opens her wardrobe everyday to find a pile of clothes landing on her and yet you can’t find a thing to wear? If this is the case then you have got to change the way to think about clothes; you may also need to change the way you shop. You need to look at your closet as your kitchen pantry.

Just like you need a few basic spices and ingredients to prepare your daily meals you need some basic pieces of clothing in your wardrobe to get you on your way to being stylish every day. I have put together a list of the few basics to help you out; however you will need to choose the fabrics, textures and prints yourself. While doing so ensure that these clothes reveal your true identity and style.

One of my personal favorites is the pencil skirt. This is a miraculous article of clothing that you can wear practically every day and yet sport a different look. Generally a skirt in this style needs to meet the knees or be an inch or 2 above it. The fabric needs to match the length of the skirt. A pencil skirt is ideal as you can change the look from day to night by changing only a few accessories.

In my opinion every girl and woman must have a trench coat. This is a coat that you can throw on and walk out of your house in. Ideally you would want a coat that can be worn over an outfit however you can incorporate the coat in your main clothes.

Khakis, white and black are the popular colors to pick out however if you want to take a few chances with your wardrobe you can choose to wear bold colors like red, pink or yellow.

Hoop earrings add instant glam to any outfit. You can wear them with almost every hairstyle; if your hair is pulled back in a pony tail or if it is left loose – a pair of hoop earrings will add instant glam to your outfit.

A cardigan is elegant yet trendy; it depends on how you style it. You can look like the first lady or girl next door with the right cardigan. It is versatile and thus it gains its popularity. You can wear it with a pair of jeans, skirts or dresses.

One of the other things that I feel every woman must have is a pair of fancy flat sandals. It is a great alternative to wearing a pair of sneakers. As a matter of fact I carry a pair of my flats in my bag with me every day; just in case I need to change into them during mid day or when I need to change the look of my outfit instantly for the evening.