A Fat Women’s Guide To Getting Ready For A Date


overweight-women Don’t worry, if the pounds that have piled around your waist make you a bit nervous to go out on a date, with someone special. We’ve got three wonderful dating tips that will help you in refining your silhouettes, as you get ready for your date.

Try a corset or a belly band

To conceal the fat around your waist, think about getting yourself a corset, as this is the best thing that can hold up your flab and give your waist a shapelier look. However, a corset will do a good job only if you choose the right size, because if it’s tight it’s going to suffocate you and if it’s loose it won’t be able to lend firmness to your waist.

The basic objective of using a corset is to make your tummy look smooth, by hiding away those ugly looking love handles. You might get a little greedy and may want to buy a corset that is one size smaller, so as to make your waist look even slimmer, but remember that you will find it difficult to move about freely, if your corset is suffocating you all the time.

Also, in an effort to push in your belly, you might end up with bulges appearing elsewhere, either below or above the corset covered region.

Wear a good bra

A fitting bra is a must to highlight your breasts by lifting them up and creating a more prominent cleavage. Wearing the right size is most important, because anything that is not your size, will not just be uncomfortable but will also not be able to lend proper shape to your breasts. If you’re fat, your breasts have a tendency to droop onto your abdomen, so you need a bra which can lend full support to your heavy breasts.

Get into some sexy stilettos

There is something about high heels that always excites a man, and if you’re comfortable walking around in high heels then you’d better wear them for your date. Stilettos look wonderful when worn under waist fitted dresses. Also, high heels will make your legs look longer and slimmer while lending your walk a more confident and graceful demeanor.

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