A Dash Of Purple


purple-clothing Purple, the color which was once a favorite of the royalty, and which had nearly disappeared from the fashion trends world after the sixties, is back again and this time it has come back with double the force. With an extensive range of shades, such as lilac, violet, lavender, plum and magenta, purple clothing is making it big across the runways, cinemas and the city streets.

And although, the rage for purple color dresses is frantic, with most teenagers seen grabbing purple outfits at fashion stores, most of the women are still a bit hesitant to try on this shade. But all of you, who have not yet tried dressing up in purple, you can give up your hesitation and grab a dress, because we will teach you right here as to how you can carry this latest fashion in style and with full confidence.

Say it with purple

Purple is one color that is rarely seen in nature, and that’s one reason why it is such an attention grabber. It’s got something striking about it, and that’s the reason why most women shy away from trying this royal color. The color was deeply associated with luxury, wealth and sophistication, and if you look at some of the old royal paintings of court scenes, you’ll see that most Queens and princesses loved wearing this color.

Apart from being associated with royalty, the purple color has a lot of feminine as well as romantic appeal to it. So whether you want to look noble, or you want to catch everybody’s attention or get your partner to go crazy about you, the answer lies in getting yourself a purple ensemble.

How to wear it right

To pull off purple fashion in style, you need to be particular about the shape that you’re choosing depending upon the occasion and the time of the day. For instance, when you want to look glamorous for a night out, look for a deeper shade of purple and complete the look with some metallic detailing or jeweled accessories.

On the other hand, for daytime functions look for the milder shades like lilac and lavender to emphasize your femininity. And in case you don’t want to go in for a complete purple dress, then add some spice to any of your outfits, by styling it up with purple sashes, tights, belts or handbags.

Sidharth Thakur