A Cool Way to Remain Pretty and Healthy

I had read on a website that it is essential to be healthy but you need not follow a strict health schedule to be healthy. Many women are concerned with drinking strictly eight glasses of water per day or perhaps sleeping eight hours in the night categorically.

It is perfect to drink water and sleep but in a way that makes you live healthy and pretty too and that the maintenance of health and beauty does not become a rigid regimen for you. The words are true as without being the perfectionist you can still remain healthy. You need exercise, nutrition and sleep all in balanced amounts to keep healthy. Too much of it is bad and too little is worse.

Women who stick to strict health care regimens of drinking 8 glasses of water per day should not stick to such strict rules and think of relaxing a bit. If we can exercise at least an hour a day we might live longer and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout. But if you probably have half an hour for exercise someday, you skip that day thinking it is only one hour of exercise that counts. You should not form a rigid schedule on the hours of exercising too. You can have your own hours as it suits you the best but follow the exercise schedule everyday.

You should bear in mind that smoking, not wearing seat belts and not practicing safe sex could be harmful. These should be kept in mind strictly to remain healthy and beautiful. All the other rules on health and beauty should be maintained strictly and half an hour of exercise is better than not exercising at all. It is best to have that comfort zone in you where you know how much of exercise, nutrition and water should be good for your health and beauty. Get into that comfortably pretty zone to practice, drink, eat, walk and sleep on an everyday schedule.

Even if you can manage a fifteen minute of brisk walk instead of half hours walk each day go for that and that’s the best way to keep into the habit of health and fitness everyday. You do not have to be a health and hygiene freak to keep good health. A better understanding of the health plan of what suits you optimally would do the job.