A Beautiful You

It’s quite weird the way most women feel insecure about their looks and the way they go around trying to find faults with their appearance. However insane this may all appear to be, deep inside it’s somewhere linked to low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

It’s amazing the way they go around finding faults in their appearance, some feel their breasts are too big and others sulk over small breasts, those with straight hair are throwing in money to get curls and the ones with the curls are always looking for hair straightening solutions. It all sounds like one crazy world full of women who are never just satisfied with whatever they have.

In most cases, while women go bonkers trying to rectify self perceived problems with their looks, people around them never seem to even notice any of these faults. Most of the problems are not visible, except for the few outwardly noticeable things like a scar of your cheeks or too many pimples on your forehead. And once you enter into an interesting conversation, most of them will even forget these noticeable flaws in your beauty. Still it’s quite a shame, that most women still chase outer beauty while sidelining their inner beauty and potential. And often this obsession with their looks mounds up to such levels that they begin facing psychological problems like depression.

It is the negative approach that needs to be tackled here, since every person has something that is truly unique or beautiful. Then why don’t you make efforts to enhance this positive feature of yours rather than spending endless hours sulking over that little imperfection you found with your looks and spending loads of money to conceal that one little blemish.

Let us understand the very basic fact of life, that there is no one who is perfect in this whole world. So you needn’t go overly judgmental about your looks and appearance. Unless you are overly ugly, no one will notice those small trivial things related to your appearance which are a constant source of concern for you.
It’s nice to be always well dressed and well poised, but don’t let your outward appearance overshadow your inner being and become an obsession, learn to take pride in what you are and make efforts to improve yourself as a person and not as an object of beauty.

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Sidharth Thakur