9 Signs To Know That He Likes You

Signs He Likes You

Signs He Likes You Most women are confused whether the guy they have recently started dating really likes them or is simply being polite. Most girls find it extremely frustrating when they are unable to read the signs a guy is sending out to them.

Even if a guy does something sweet, it need not necessarily mean that he likes you. It may be his nature to be polite and helpful to women in general.

Signs He Likes You

If you have been spending several sleepless nights playing the game – ‘He Likes Me, He Like Me Not’- then its time to read the subtle signs which every guy gives out when he is around the girl he likes. Right from his body language, to the way he fidgets when he is around you, there are many signs which can tell you that a guy is really into you. So read on and find out if the guy you have been having that massive crush on, has taken a fancy to you as well.

He Hangs On To Your Every Word

One of the surest ways to known if that guy you have been secretly harboring feelings for likes you as well is to observe him if he is genuinely listening to you or not when you start talking. A guy who likes you will hang on to every word that you utter. He will not get distracted by the people around him but will be listening carefully to what you are saying.

During conversations he will let you talk and will not try to interrupt or dominate the conversation. He will laugh at the jokes that you crack and will not look stony faced or appear bored. He will also make eye contact with you while you are talking to him.

He Calls You Often

A guy who genuinely cares about you will call you frequently. If he frequently uses the phrases ‘I miss you’ or ‘Cant wait to see you’  then you know for sure that he also likes you. However if he really likes you he will not pressurize you talk to him especially if you are tied up with some other important work. In such cases he will ask you when you will be free and if he can talk to you then.

He Treats You like a Lady

However independent or ‘I can take care of myself’ attitude a woman may adopt she still likes the guy that she has feelings for, to treat her like a lady. You can be sure that a guy is into you if he opens the door for you, or pulls up a chair for you at the restaurant. These little gestures go a long way in affirming if a man is interested in you or not.

He Takes Keen Interest in Your Interests

If a guy shows deep interest in knowing your likes and dislikes then it is a good indication that he cares about you and want to get to know you better. In fact a guy who really likes you will keep his interest aside to spend quality time with you and what you enjoy doing. If your current squeeze has skipped his favorite NBA match to spend time with you at your garden meet then you know for sure that he really likes you.

He Steals Glances at You Frequently

If a guy steals glances at you ever so often, it is an indication that he adores you and wants to get to know you better. Silent communication or communication which is done with the eyes is a way of understanding if a guy genuinely likes you. Making direct eye contact or even if a guy keeps looking at you surreptitiously is a sure fire indication of his growing interest in you.

He Leans Into You When You Talk

Besides glancing at you ever so often, a guy who likes you will often lean into you when you are having a conversation. If his body language is not aggressive but open and seems to suggest that he wants to hear every word of what you are saying then that means he likes you. Most women can understand if their guy likes them by simply studying their body language.

He talks Softly and Slowly

Another subtle indication that a guy has feeling for you is if he starts talking ever so slowly and softly. Guys normally don’t talk softly to every woman that they meet. It is only to the woman that he has feeling for that a man begins to talk very softly. This is because he only wants her to hear what he has to say. Similarly if a guy is interested in a girl he begins to talk very slowly. This could be an indication that he likes you and gets a little flustered when you are around him.

He Remembers More about Your Life Than Even You Do

Another sign that a guy is falling for you is if he remembers those small details of your life which even you may not remember. Guys who genuinely like girls pay attention to their conversation and store away little nuggets of information about them. This way they get to know a lot about the girl that they care about. Any guy who takes that extra effort to know you, is very interested in you.

He Indulges You

If a guy has used all of his pocket money to buy you your favorite perfume or has stood in line for over two hours just to get you the tickets to your favorite rock concert, then it is an indication of his growing attachment to you. One sign a girl should definitely watch out for to know whether a guy really likes them or not is to see how they indulge you.

A guy need not necessarily have to spend tons of money on you to show you that he cares. Even if he buys you a cup of your favorite coffee, it is a simple of showing that he cares for you. There are some of the signs which will help a woman know that the guy she likes also has a crush on her.

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