9 Indicators When To End A Relationship

When To End A Relationship

When To End A Relationship Every relationship starts off on a good note, with two individuals who are very much in love wanting to spend every moment of their life together. As the relationship progresses and the initial novelty wears off, the couples may get a clearer insight into their partner’s true personality.

What Causes Misunderstandings?

At this point small misunderstandings may creep up into the relationship. Most differences of opinion between the partners can be ironed out. However there may be some misunderstanding which can flare up into a regular bone of contention, which will finally rip the relationship apart.

All relationships are full of ups and downs. This is because the two people involved in the relationship bring their best and worst qualities into it. If an individual is able to control some of their negative qualities and work towards improving the relationship then the relationship will remain stable. When conciliation becomes impossible one or both the partners mull over the idea of ending the relationship.

Indicators When to Leave A Relationship

It is very hard to end a relationship, especially those which are over a year old, into which you have invested a lot of your time and emotions. There are many subtle warning signs which one should watch out for in a relationship, which indicate it is time to leave the relationship and move on. Some of the warning signs that indicate the relationship is ending are discussed below.

Obsessive Controlling Tendencies

If your partner begins to exhibit obsessive controlling tendencies like calling you say eight or ten times a day and questions you about your every movement then you know that your relationship is in trouble. Have an open discussion with your partner and let them know how much you dislike them keeping track of your activities. If they are able to curb their obsessive tendencies then continue with the relationship, otherwise take it as a warning sign that it is time to end the relationship.

Lack of Communication

Lack of communication can sound the death knell for a relationship. If your partner does not communicate with you for long periods of time or makes excuses for not calling you then take it as a warning sign that the relationship may be ending. While constantly keeping tabs on your partner is not good, totally ignoring them is even worse. Many times lack of communication can cause a minor misunderstanding to escalate into a very big problem. Most relationships which stand the test of time are those which are built on solid trust and  good communication.

Avoiding Spending Time Together

If you partner constantly makes excuses, like excessive workload or feeling tired, for not spending time with you; then take it as a hint that all is not well. Have a frank discussion with your partner and find out the real reason for his/her not wanting to spend time with you. If your partner still shows disinclination to spend time with you, then end the relationship immediately.

Jealousy or Over Possessiveness

If your partner begins to exhibit extreme jealously over your personal achievements then it is time to end the relationship and move on. It is extremely unhealthy to remain in a relationship with a person who exhibits their jealously in multiple ways. From barbed remarks, to trying to physically hurt their partner, a jealous companion will resort to all types of low down tricks to thwart their partner’s success.

Over-possessiveness should not be mistaken for your partner being very much in love with you. On the other hand a partner who is over-possessive is exhibiting his/her controlling streak. Normally jealous partners are also over possessive. Initially a partner may exhibit his/her over possessive nature by stopping you from meeting your friends. Slowly this controlling nature extends to monitoring your interaction with your family. Finally it may end in a total clamp down of all your interactions with both family and friends. Jealousy and over-possessiveness often gives way to abuse.

Abusive Relationship

It is time to leave when a warm and loving relationship gives way to abuse. There are different kinds of abuse in a relationship. It can range from physical, social, sexual verbal, spiritual and financial abuse. Generally verbal abuse gives way to physical abuse like pushing, showing and finally hitting. If you partner has become abusive towards you don’t think twice to end the relationship, even if the abuser promises to mend their abusive ways.

Compromising Your Happiness, Beliefs and Values

If you feel that you are being forced to compromise on your happiness, personal values and beliefs then start thinking about ending the relationship. Any relationship where a person begins to feel stifled because of their partners controlling and manipulative ways is not one which should be carried on. Ending this type of relationship is the healthiest and wisest option any person can make.

Constant Criticism

If your partner keeps constantly criticizing you over your appearance or begins to compare you with their friends partners then it time call the relationship quits. Constant criticism can be a source of discord in a relationship which will only increase and not decrease with time. Instead of remaining in a relationship where you begin to feel suffocated it is better to move on.

Repetitive Fights

If you can’t remember the last time you have had a good time or a good word for your partner rest assured your relationship is headed for a breakup. If you have reached a point where you absolutely cannot stand the sight of your partner and the only time you face them is to fight with them, then it is pointless hanging on to such a relationship. When a relationship becomes diseased it should be ended as soon as possible.  Constant bickering is a sign that your relationship is making no headway and it is time to end it as fast as possible.

Looking Forward To Spending Time Apart

If you and your partner look forward to spending more time apart than together, then it is time to bring the curtain down on the relationship. A loving relationship is one where the partners want to spend as much time as they can with each other. When you get more joy staying away, instead of with your partner, simply end the relationship and get on with your life.

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