8 Simple Ways To Be Romantic – Tips For Women

Whether you are in a relationship with your partner for quite a long time or you have just found the right man for yourself, you will certainly like to show to your partner how much you love him or care for him.

So, here are some simple tips that women can use to express their affection for their darling in some real romantic ways.

One of the most romantic ways would be to give your partner some visual treat while you send the message across to him. Get some flavored body paint and write your message on your body and show that to him.He would be more than delighted on this approach of yours.

Kiss him when he hardly expects it. He will be surprised by it but would love you for it too. You can also do this while you two are talking about daily things or normal routine.

Just stop in between, say that you want to say something very important to him and utter the three magical words ” I Love You” and then kiss him. After the kiss you can get back to the previous discussion. He would be stunned by this one and would wait for you to repeat that sometime later as well.

Dedicate a song or a message to him on the radio and inform him to listen to it just a little before its aired.

You can make him feel like a King for a day and fulfill all that he wishes for on that particular day. This is one of the best ways of being romantic as well as letting him know how much you are in love with him that made you go this extra mile for him.

Take your partner for his favorite movie or game. He will love to see you taking genuine interest in his passion.

A very romantic idea is taking a bath together. Get everything ready from candles, wine, music and bubbles in the tub and invite him for the bath. You can also give him a body massage with some nice smelling lotion.

Or else you can take the route to his heart through his stomach. Cook his favorite meal and create a romantic ambience with soft music and low lights.

These simple ways would not take much time to convey your feelings of true love to your darling and you would be happy to receive more love from your partner in return to your lovely gestures.

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