7 Must-Haves for Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe might expand over the years and have more than what you need, but there are a few items which are timeless and need to be a part of your lifestyle no matter what. Times when you are confused as to what to wear, these few basic must-haves will come to your rescue.

There are indeed some garments with which you can never go wrong. They have successfully defied the limitations of time and their popularity is proven. So, do you have them? Let us find out.

The little black dress has been reigning supreme for quite some time now. When you are undecided which is the right dress to go for the night, you can always depend on this one. Beautiful in its simplicity, it will never fail you. Go for an interesting neckline to add more jazz to your evening.

A good fitting pair of jeans, yes, you need them. For a day out or for a casual carefree look, nothing beats this. Make sure it fits you snugly though; fitting is of utmost importance and can change your entire look.

White shirts are classy. You can team them with trousers or jeans, depending upon the occasion and get the desired effect. You can never have too many white shirts, trust me. You will always be needing them.

Women without pencil skirts in their wardrobe are unimaginable. The tight fitted look is extremely feminine and these skirts can be worn both professionally and casually.

A day dress in simple cotton prints is a must-have. It is an obvious summer piece of clothing that you cannot go without. It looks great and sets you apart.

A jacket is another important component of your wardrobe. Get one that flatters your figure to the fullest, highlighting your curves. It should be rightly proportioned and can be paired with trousers or skirts, your pick.

Lastly, never compromise on lingerie. Get elegant yet attractive lingerie that suits your body type the best. Wearing good undergarments is a great feel-good factor.

Now, that you know, rush to the stores to get what is lacking in your wardrobe. You cannot afford to miss any of them.