7 Essential Steps To Shampoo Hair Properly

7 Essential Steps To Shampoo Hair Properly

7 Essential Steps To Shampoo Hair Properly Hairs are considered as very important for enhancing the beauty. Properly cleaned hairs look really great and make a person attractive. Though many types of cosmetic products can be applied over face for increasing the beauty, hairs have their own significance.

Most of the people shampoo their hairs once or twice in a week for cleaning them. However, not all of them feel satisfied about the texture or bounciness of hairs. Even some of them do not find their hairs properly cleaned. This occurs due to many reasons. For example, the quality of shampoo may not be good enough to clean oil and dirt present in hairs.

Sometimes, way of washing the hair is improper, which leads to problematic hairs. Shampooing hairs properly is as important as using a good shampoo. Shampooing of hairs comprise 7 essential steps, which must be followed. These steps ensure not only properly cleaned hairs but also healthy hairs that bounce with shine.

Essential Steps to Shampoo Hair Properly

First essential step for shampooing hairs properly is to prepare them for same. Preparing the hairs means hairs can withstand shampoo application easily. It has been seen that most of the people go straight to bathroom after waking up in the morning for getting fresh and taking bath. Though it is a good practice, health of hairs may be compromised while doing same.

This is because after waking up on the morning, there may be tangles in the hairs and if these are shampooed, there are chances that such hair would come off while massaging shampoo. Thus, before entering bathroom, it must be ensured that there are no tangles contained in hairs. This can be done by using a wide toothed comb. Women suffer from tangles more often than men, as they have long hairs.

Tangles can also be reduced greatly by applying oil at night before going to bed. This also helps in keeping the hairs moisturized. If hairs have got considerable tangles, these may be wetted with warm water and then combed. Second essential step of washing hairs is preparing a wet base for shampoo application. It has been seen that most of the people take a small quantity of shampoo in their hands and apply on scalp.

Before applying shampoo, it must be ensured that hairs have been wetted properly. If shampoo is applied without wetting the hairs properly, proper cleaning may not take place. Even shampoo would not produce sufficient lather to clean the hairs. For wetting the hairs, warm or cool water should be used instead of hot water.

This is because hot water may cause hairs to become dry and brittle. Before applying shampoo, hairs must be rinsed with water two or three times so that they become perfectly wetted. Third essential step is application of shampoo on hairs. Best way of applying shampoo is to take a small quantity of shampoo on palm and rub hands before applying it on hairs. Rubbing of hands ensures equal distribution.

Essential Steps To Shampoo Hair Properly

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Every strand of hair is treated with shampoo in this manner. Fourth essential step of shampooing hairs is to spread shampoo effectively over the scalp. For this purpose, fingers must be used. Role of palm is up to applying of shampoo on hairs only and rest of work should be done with fingers.

Fingers must be moved in a circulation motion for ensuring even application of shampoo. However, this should be done very gently, as hairs are completely wet and roots become weak on wetting. Lather of shampoo can be used for ensuring smooth finger movement. Using fingers gently also results in massaging the scalp, which leads to increased circulation. In no case, vigorous movement of fingers should be made.

The fifth essential step of shampooing hairs consists of cleaning the scalp. After finger movements are over, shampoo should be left on scalp for duration from 30 seconds to one minute. This time is sufficient for shampoo to act on oil and dirt. It is to be understood that if scalp is not cleaned properly, there is no use of shampooing the hairs, as roots do not get the type of treatment they should get.

Leaving shampoo for one minute on hair also helps in softening them.One of the best ways of ensuring same is to clean other parts of body before rinsing hairs with shampoo. Shampoo must not be left on hairs for longer duration, as chemicals contained in it may harm the hairs. Sixth essential step consists of rinsing hairs so as to remove shampoo. Many people rinse hairs with water for one or two times only due to haste.

This is not a good practice. Hairs must be rinsed with water until all shampoo has been removed from the hairs. This can be ensured by watching the water coming off the hairs. If it contains some bubbles, it means shampoo is still left in hairs. Left over shampoo harm hairs in many ways, due to which, thinning of hairs can start. Even hairs become brittle, which come off the scalp while combing.

It is not necessary that hairs would be cleaned in first wash only. In many cases, hairs may need one more wash for getting cleaned properly. This can be ensured by observing the lather formed by shampoo application. If there is sufficient lather after applying shampoo on hairs for first time, it means hairs have been cleaned perfectly.

However, if less lather is produced after applying shampoo, it means hairs need one more wash and they must get the same. In most of cases, In most of the cases, second time application of shampoo would lead to sufficient lather
If it does not happen, it means scalp and hairs require one more wash. This must be done in a very gentle manner, as hairs roots have become quite weak by this time.

Last essential step of shampooing hairs consists of conditioning and drying of hairs. A good quality conditioner should be applied on wet hairs and same must be rinsed after one minute. This keeps hairs moisturized. Hairs should be dried gently with towel first, and then, a blow dryer should be used. The blow dryer should be set on warm air rather than hot air. This is because applying hot air directly to towel dried hairs makes them brittle.