7 Effective Tips To Handle Mood Swings In Teenagers

7 Effective Tips To Handle Mood Swings In Teenagers

7 Effective Tips To Handle Mood Swings In Teenagers Teenagers’ mood swings are difficult to predict and deal with. However, as parents you cannot allow them to behave impulsively but punishing them is also not a good idea. Actually, you might have also gone through this period but understanding their perspective and behaviour could be very draining.

So, what can you do? Obviously, you cannot just leave it so. We have some tips that can provide some help in dealing with teen mood swings.

Provide Space

Undeniably, it is very difficult to see your children struggling due to his/her mood swings but you have to understand that this is their path to maturity, so let them deal with it. Don’t intrude in their privacy every now and then; rather provide them some space to deal with the problem. Actually, teens have problems of their own: friends, relationship and expectations, it can be anything so give them some time and they’ll be just fine.

Time to Talk

It is not a good idea to talk with the teens during their emotional swings. You should probably wait till they get back to their normal selves; it is just like if you are in a bad mood you may not like to talk to anyone and if anyone tries to do that then you get into an argument. Similarly, wait for the right moment and then talk to them calmly.

Don’t Blame

Keep in mind that when you talk with a teenager, don’t ever start a conversation by pointing out that they have a problem. Rather, you should be calm and ask if they have any problem in life because if you start blaming them then they will get angry and you’ll lose the chance of a conversation.

Act as a Parent

It is understandable that there are good times and bad times in life but don’t let their bad mood take a route of aggression towards you. Disrespect should not be granted towards parents or siblings. Although, you cannot dictate how they feel, still you have to teach them obedience and respect. And if you’ll grant disrespect once, it will surely happen again.

Alcohol and Drugs

Make sure that the teenager is not taking alcohol or drugs. Excessive mood swings can be a result of addiction too. However, you cannot sneak around, so maintain a friendly behavior with them and know about their friends.

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Be Mature

Don’t let the mood swings of your children affect you. Understand that you cannot control everything and after a certain time, your child will understand that what is right himself. Therefore, act maturely and offer support whenever they need it, stay positive and don’t let their mood disturb your life.


If things are going out of control and are way beyond normal behavior then the teenager may need counselling by a professional. Emotional disturbances could be a result of some psychological problem, so it is better to seek treatment for it. However, talking to a teenager about this can be difficult so take time and sit with them when they are in a good mood.