7 Ways To Use Getmooh To Ditch A Disastrous Date

Getmooh To Ditch A Disastrous Date

Getmooh To Ditch A Disastrous Date Who hasn’t been caught in a date that is so boring that in the middle of the date you have to go to the restroom and ask a friend to call in ten minutes to give you an emergency call with some cock and bull story?

Well now, you don’t have to pester your friends to get you out of an irritating and seemingly endless date. Getmooh.com can give you such a call whenever you want to. This is how it works. You record your message (cock and bull story), set a timer and you will get a call from Getmooh at the right time. When going on a blind date or with a person you are afraid will turn out to be boring, you can use Getmooh services as a precaution.

Granny Is In Hospital

Who doesn’t have a granny and don’t old grannies are known to fall sick? This is a perfect excuse in almost all social situations and can save you from disaster date easily. However, make sure that your date is not your granny’s caretaker and doesn’t know her personally.

You Have To Attend A Client Now

Bosses are known for having all their employees at their beck and call. And clients are known to be equally demanding. So if your boss says you have to attend a client now, you have to. Again a precautionary note, don’t use this excuse if you are a writer or a painter and you don’t have to deal with clients.

Your Friend Has Met With An Accident

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How sad for your friend who has come from Russia and has no one here. You have to be with your friend in this hour of need. Any one’s accident is serious but friends are known for their rash driving. For special effects, you can use responses like: ‘I have told the sucker so many times not to drive like he is Michael Schumacher but he wouldn’t listen.’

Your Landlord Is Throwing Away All Your Furniture

You haven’t paid rent from last 3 months and now your landlord is throwing away all your prized possessions. If you are a guy, you can be sure to drive a boring girl away forever. No girl wants to be with a homeless man and you will be thrown away faster than your furniture.

Cops Have Arrested Your Friend For Drunk-Driving

When a date gets too boring, and a call informs you that your friend has been arrested and you are the only person who he wants to talk to, you have no other option but to rescue your friend.

Your Ceiling Has Crashed

This excuse should only be used by men. If a girl uses this excuse, her date would offer her to help and chances are high he will take her home and be all alpha male about it. However, if a man’s ceiling crashes, the girl might just offer her sympathy and then part ways.

Your Dog Died

It is a great excuse to ditch your date unless your date is an avid dog lover and would offer you to dig a burial grave for your dog or get your dog cremated.

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